Athletic training

You do not need to be an Olympic athlete to benefit from sport-specific training. Whether 
you are a beginning runner, an accomplished soccer player, or just want to be better at your basketball games, we have program designed for all levels.

body building

Bodybuilding is the-shaping of the body in an artistic form, this is done by building massive sized muscles or through toning for an athletic body. Bodybuilding is for everyone, not just pro-body builders. Anyone can build their body, and here at Pillars Athletics Training, we can help you achieve your goals.

personal training

Starting a workout program can be tough and working with a Personal Trainer can be intimidating, that is why Pillars Training comes to you. Our convenient customized
programs are designed to meet your goals on your schedule.


Excellent nutrition aids in the development and proper functioning of our organs and bodily functions. This includes growth, reproduction, energy level, working abilities, oxygen consumption, digestion, recovery from injuries, illnesses, and much more!


For serenity, strength and peace of mind, our Yoga and Pilates workouts are all you need.


Sustaining weight loss is not achieved by only eating healthy, many believe you can achieve fat loss goals by diet change alone. The real answer is NO! To manage and maintain fat loss, you must first understand your body type. Each body type differs in recommended calorie intake, portion size, etc.


Encouraging and having employees workout, can boost their self esteem, improve their health fitness levels. Studies shows that employees that workout the most, benefits productivity increase in their work places.


Exercise is important. It is even more important to exercise correctly! Incorrect form and posture can undermine your goals and cause injury. At Pillars Training, we make sure you do it, and do it right.